Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Babble about My Pre-teen

So with all the bullshit surrounding my days lately it's been difficult for me to focus on the little things - as you may have noticed in my recent entry.  My days are just like any mom's day, you know, filled with morning school routines, rushing out the door hopefully remembering to tell your kids to brush their teeth and wondering if you, in fact, did the same for yourself.  This morning as I was rushing down the hall to get my shoes on to run Jillian to school in time to miss that damn school bus I always seem to get stuck behind, I saw out of the corner of my eye my pre-teen with her face way close up to the bathroom mirror applying lip gloss, you know, colored lip gloss.  I'll be damned if I missed a beat in getting my shoes on because I refuse to be behind that damn bus this morning; I have too much work to do today for too little money of course. 

We got hastily in the car, and as I miraculously missed the bus by a split second (yeah, that's right girl, I didn't let you out in front of me at the stop sign bus lady) I looked at Jillian and asked her why she put on lip gloss.  She shrugged at me in typical "girl" fashion.  I smiled and asked her if it was because she wanted her lips to be all sparkly and pretty in an exaggerated "fashionista" voice.  She liked that and smiled.  I smiled because I was thinking of yesterday's car conversation where I asked her how Ian was and she got all giddy and proceeded to tell me a story that droned on for about 5 minutes (which felt like 30 minutes to my ears) about something cutsie that Ian did or perhaps didn't really do.  I can't quite remember at this moment because Ian really isn't cute to me, and I was paying attention more to how cute Jillian was with her hands flying all over the place while telling her story, kind of like I do.

So I'm at the point where there is lip gloss already?! Hell, I don't even wear make-up (which is why I'd like to believe I don't look my 38 years of age because I can remember the two handfuls of times I've worn make-up).  Jillian thinks it's funny that when I have bought make-up it's numbered with directions on the back of where to place certain colors.  *shrug*  What the hell do I know except that I'm sure my daughter is going to continue to remind me about my pre-teen and teen years.  I have an advantage over her though; I still remember those days, both shitty and awesome, like they were yesterday.  I will not let on to that fact though so I can keep her on her toes.

I love that kid and am hoping that it stays at colored lip gloss at this point.  I'm almost ready for anything she has to throw my way...I said almost.

*cheers my friends*

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  1. Hold phone! I musta missed a convo about this Ian! Lol......
    Lawd help me....I'm getting my pre-teen lessons from you.....I have a few years yet, but if you can survive it, I can.
    Then again, my 8 year old already has a "makeup" box.....

  2. awwwww yea she's entered the lip gloss phase. I want to hear more about Ian too! at least it's lip gloss and not lipstick. she's got her head on her shoulders! glad you're enjoying every minute of it.