Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have You Seen Where I Left My Head?!

I usually come here and write when I've just about reached the end of my rope.  When I logged on I saw that I haven't been here since March of 2011.  Really?  Because I could have sworn I've been at the end of my rope a lot since that time.  Regardless, here I am, head lost, hanging on for dear life.  It has been a week where I am three bottles of red wine deep, and if I'm being honest with you, I'll tell you that they are 1.5 bottles.  Please, there is no wussy drinking for this mama.  If I'm going to drown my despair over losing control, I shall do it with gusto!!  So, continuing on...

I am like a lot of people, I love to show my kids off in videos and pictures, and I don't discriminate.  I post the good and the bad crap that they do and obnoxiously show it off on Facebook.  I'm not ashamed of it because if you are sick of seeing my kids, then you surely are missing out on some entertainment.  So, as the ever-obnoxious mom I am, I posted a video yesterday of my two-and-a-half year old son being a devil-child when he was supposed to be napping.  I mainly posted it because I was desperate for the feedback and any advice anyone could offer to me about this sudden change in his napping.  Now, I do realize that they grow out of naps, but since I work from home I was hoping to avoid this for a little bit longer.

So I did, indeed, get some advice; bendaryl (sorry, I can't waste that on nap times), books (a no go), turning the monitor off (still can hear his screaming voice through the walls), audio books (this is what I am trying currently, and I'll let you know if it was a success).  Fast forward to a couple of comments where people pointed out how cute it was when my son saw me videotaping him he smiled and was so happy to see me.  Cue that record screeching to a halt sound here.  What the hell is everyone talking about?  I go and review said tape and there it is; the adorable smile that I missed while I was so frustrated and irritated.  I realize that it is quite clear that I am, indeed, an asshat.  So now I have this awesome video displaying my asshatery and let's memorialize the moment in this blog shall we.

I was going to end this by saying something about pulling my big girl panties up and trying to regain the control I once had, but at that moment, the wood chipper guy started up his machine outside my window, i.e., the devil-child's window, and there is no napping going on.  Yes, yes, there is an audio book going on, but while I try to control the twitch in my eye I am wondering if he can even hear said audio book.  Oh yes my friends, I am indeed going to pull up my big girl panties, wash my wine glass, fill it to its brim and go to my window and wait until I catch the eye of one of the wood chipper guys and give him that good old fashion one-finger salute!!   *cheers mommies*

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  1. Breathe it out girl- the loss of naptime is indeed devastating. Burn those calories on the spin bike!