Friday, January 27, 2012

My Life as a Movie

So it's Groundhog Day in my house today again.  Same thing, same pace, same thoughts as yesterday.  I send the husband off to work and make a cup of coffee and sit in my chair, scan my phone for messages, scarymommy confessions, post one or two or five, look at the clock and sigh.

After getting the kids up and settled I proceed to go hide in the shower.  Yes, I am hiding.  I already took a shower last night so technically I don't *need* another one. 

Let's see, I'm thinking how it's Friday and how this means nothing to me.  I think how I successfully (loosely used) drank every night this week and how pathetic this is, and I need to get off the pity-party-go-round because this is doing nothing positive for the waistline I'm trying desperately to lose. 

Let's move on to how I'm dreading hitting up my spin class today, but not for the class itself; rather all it takes to just get ready for said spin class.  I have to dig out some workout gear from the loads of laundry that have miraculously piled up in one day.  How does that happen anyways I often wonder.  Then I have to actually stuff myself into said finally found clothes, the sports bra being the worst offender out of the bunch.  I'm thinking how the hell can my daughter be so damn chipper this morning because she hasn't shut her mouth once.  She was in the bathroom peeing, talking to herself.  Dear Lord, girl, it's 8:00 a.m. 

So then I'm trying to find something positive about my day.  At this point, I am totally not *green* at all as the hot water I am wasting is pretty pathetic.  Okay, something positive.  Come on, girl, you can do this.  I need something other than the traditional "I woke up today" crap.  Think, think, think.  Then this leads me to think about Winnie the Pooh.  Snap out of it, girl.  What is wrong with you?!  I'm about to give up and shut the water off when I hear feet pitter-pattering down the hall.  I'm about to say crap, what does he want now when the bathroom door gets thrown open and I hear, "I love you, mommmmyyyyy." 

You are so lucky kid.  I shall let you make it through another day.  Thank you for giving me the positive I was looking for.  Now to find my sneakers and hit up my spin class.  *cheers mommies*


  1. Just done end up at spin class without any pants on like Winnie

  2. Aww that's nice to hear in the morning. That could brighten up any day.