Thursday, April 12, 2012

Much-Needed Pep Talk

So I've received a not-so-subtle hint from my mother that she wants to read more stuff from me.  So you all can blame her for this one as I can already tell that I don't have much to offer in the way of humor this morning, but who knows as I've been known to surprise myself sometimes.

I'm not really feeling *it* this week.  I'm feeling pretty invisible lately; friends, husband, kids (well, kids I guess are a given), just a general invisibility that comes with being a mom working from home I suppose.  Hell if I know,  as I'm probably just making shit up in my head to justify my mental nature.  Everything is just an annoyance to me and this annoys me.  So maybe if I stop and think about the things that have made me smile this week it will help shed this invisibility cloak that I apparently have acquired that I never really wanted to have (even though every time I watch Harry Potter I am jealous that it exists -- at least in a fantasy world).  Per usual, I digress and so in no particular order here are the things that made me smile this week:

1.  Driving in the car with Jillian and singing and dancing in our seats to pop radio (thank you Gail and your spin class music). 

2.  Having Andrew sit on my lap while he looked at pictures on my phone over and over and over again and laughed at himself and his sister (he didn't realize that my ploy worked -- use the phone to get snuggles out of him).

3.  Watching Andrew and Jillian play Just Dance 3 on the Kinect.  That alone will get a smile out of the crankiest, PMS-filled, annoyed mother.

4.  The highlight of the week was meeting a talented, funny, beautiful woman, Jill Smokler.  She has written a book, "Confessions of a Scary Mommy," and you can find her at Scary Mommy to see exactly why this would be a highlight of my week.  She won't let you down.  She never has let me down, and she is always there when I am in need of a confession or two to make (but I'll never tell you what mine are).

5.  Today I will be taking Andrew to Jillian's school for a book lunch.  Basically, you bring lunch and a blanket and sit out on the front lawn of the school while all the kids ignore their parents and play with each other.  Yes, my *perfect* daughter will be ignoring me, but what makes me smile is that she will be showing off her brother. 

6.  My mom called me and checked in on me this week, and even though I felt like I had nothing to say, which I didn't, at least she didn't forget about me.

7.  My oldest and dearest friend, Bek, checked in on me too this week.  This makes me both sad and happy because *I* should be the one checking in on her due to certain circumstances lately, but it made me happy because in all that she has going on in her world, she took the time for me.  I need to remember this and pay it forward.

8.  Watching Andrew dance the "Hot Dog Dance."  If you know what I'm talking about, you see why this makes me smile.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's okay because it is one hell of an annoying song.

So, it's kind of a short list, but I will try not to dwell on that because I'm sure that list, while shorter than some, is probably longer than most.  I will count myself blessed and move on.  I don't know if writing this made me feel any better, but it sure did make me sound whiny.  I hate whiny.  I want to rip by ears of my head when I listen to Jillian whine so I can only imagine that you just might want to rip your eyes off your face reading this.  That gruesome thought makes me smile.  I apologize for that (not really) ... you guys get me and I appreciate it much.

Now, big girl panties up in 3 ... 2 ... 1. 

*cheers my friends* 

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