Friday, March 23, 2012


So oldest child, as some of you may know, wanted to take an after-school class for Cake Decorating because my little entrepreneur wants to be a baker just like Buddy from Cake Boss.  Well, said little after-school class is a whopping $75.00 to take for something like eight weeks.  After some pleading from her and some hemming and hawing on my part, I decide to write out the check (that will eventually bounce I'm sure), but in exchange for said yet-to-bounce check she was to step it up in the chore department.  She didn't flinch, and I was amazed at my new power I didn't realize I had.

So up on the dry erase board goes a daily list of chores (that I don't want to do) such as empty and fill the dishwasher, start the washer/dryer, you know, things of this nature.  She also gets a daily extra chore once a week of shit I totally 100% do not even do, such as clean the baseboards.  Who in their right mind does that weekly?  I bet you often wonder what the hell a baseboard might even look like and refused to move the toys out of the way to even bother to check it out.  Now, I can tell you that her idea of doing chores correctly and my way are two completely different versions, but I really do struggle with my OCD monster when I see her sweeping the floor at .2 miles per hour.  Come on, come on girl, get the hell out of my way and finish these chores.  I digress -- she does them and most of the time without a face. 

This has been going on two weeks now.  Let us fast forward to yesterday's first cake decorating class.  I go and pick her up from school and out she comes with three cupcakes all decorated pretty with fondant or some shit, and the light bulb, this thing goes off and burns bright up in my head.  Wait, wait, hold on a second, this mom didn't even stop to think that she was going to bring said goodness home and that, of course, I get first crack at whatever she makes.  Shut the front door, I'm amazed at this new idea.  She will come home weekly with goodies that I get first dibs on??!!

So let's recap shall we:  I get chores done around the house that I don't want to do myself and I get goodies once a week to devour?!  I'm not seeing the downfall to this (other than the check that has yet to be cashed and if they want their money, they better hurry up and cash it while there's funds in my account). 

Alas, I figured out that it is roughly $9.35 per tasty treat that I am eating, but you know what, $9.35 a week is a small price to pay for the slave labor and the smile that comes with the pretty face of my girl. 

*cheers my friends*

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