Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime Blues

That's kind of an oxymoron; summertime blues.  I do not really have the blues per se.  In fact, this summer with the kids (as I jinx myself here) hasn't been all that bad overall.  Of course, that could be because the toddler and the pre-teen haven't been interacting that much, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've hung out with said pre-teen.  I can also say that about 85% of those times have been spent in the car bringing her here, there and over that way, but I don't regret it.  I mean she's 11, and this is what summer is supposed to be all about; camp, going over to pool parties, hanging with her girlfriends, giggling over any and all things silly. I do miss her, and tonight she's hanging here because she has a dentist appointment and she hasn't done a damn chore in about two weeks.  Frankly, my house looks like shit because of it.

I also am like 90% of the people "out there" wherein I hate having to work during the summertime and watch those teacher friends or SAHM friends or part-time-working friends head to the beach (which I hate the beach so why am I jealous) or talk about having their friends with kids over all day or insert any activity which you find yourself getting jealous over here.  However, I will try to focus on the positive and that is I work from home.  This allows me more time than it used to when I worked in the office for "fun, cool mom stuff" to do.  Of course, I am basically only doing it with one child as the other one, as stated above, only sees me in the car going from one fun thing to the other fun thing, but hell, I'll take what I can get.

Today it was heading over to Kidz Wurld and letting the toddler run around and jump in the bouncy houses and work up a sweat while I sat in the air conditioning reading a magazine -- that was three months old but I got to "sit and read" for a whole uninterrupted 10 minutes.  It's the small things, you know it is, and well, that's about all I've got for this week planned.  Not very exciting, but a small break in the otherwise hectic work schedule and running pre-teen around is very welcomed around here.

So while I'm sitting here missing on my girl and realizing that half the summer is over and I didn't get to do much of the "fun, cool mom stuff" with her, I'm remembering that a mini-vacation to Cape Cod is coming up which I just know in my heart of hearts I will look back on said-upcoming vacation and realize how frustrating it really was because that's what "vacations with kids" will get you; frustration and much tongue-holding.  It never turns out like my big, white, puffy-cloud dream vacation where everyone is riding the waves with dad while mom reads a book under the big umbrella and we nonchalantly climb the hill to the beach restaurant overlooking the water while the two kids giggle and color while mom and dad leisurely drink a beer while looking at the ocean thinking about how peaceful and relaxing this vacation is and why don't we do this more often.  *snort*  I call bullshit to those who claim their vacations go according to their all mighty plan.

Regardless, I can't wait until I get to that vacation because it means one thing; I'm not working and I'm hanging with my loves, all three of them, the kids and the husband.  This year I'm going to bite my tongue so much it's going to bleed.  I make this vow to you all now.  I also will make a vow to appear in at least one picture this summer as well.  For now, it's back to the drawing board as I can feel my work deadline laying oppressively on my right shoulder.  I hope this summer is treating you all better than summers' past and that you have at least one extra fun memory to balance out the frustrating ones.

*cheers my friends*

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