Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Price Paid for Trying to Lose Weight

SERIOUSLY!!!!!????  I have these monster boobs because they went from a size DDD, which was bad enough to a freakin' G after the baby was born TWO YEARS AGO and they haven't gone down.  This pretty much kills my pipe dream of them ever going back to a suitable size.  So when I run I have to wear two sports bras.  Yes, yes, I do, and I've resigned myself to this fact.  I mean yes, it's pretty painful that my entire neck is being tugged down by these two melons on my chest stuffed into two bras (which is not a pretty sight trying to get them off all sweaty...ack), but I've accepted this as my life. It could be worse as all my non-boobage friends might tell me.

ANYWAYS, so I put my heart rate monitor on this morning, which is the one that has a chest strap, and I'm all "strapped in" (pun intended apparently), and I'm runnin' and I'm runnin' all Forrest Gump like feeling pretty pleased with my awesome self.  Fast forward to when I come home and jump in the shower only to find to my dismay --- STINGING UNDERBOOBS!!!  They were rubbing up against the HRM and caused wicked rubage and now I'm all red and sooorrrreee.  So, no, this is not my idea of a good time whatsoever.

How DARE i try to lose weight...*kicks rocks*  I see now that this is my punishment for my "selfishness" of wanting some "me" time without the kids and wanting to be smokin' hot -- or let's just be honest; just pleasant to the eyes of those around me that I must offend with myself.

So, clearly this is Mother Nature's way of saying -- here, honey, have another cookie.  You're meant to be fluffy.*head desk*

*cheers my friends*

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  1. *sniff* I feel your pain, I totally do. I cannot run, even with two bras. Still too painful. And jumping jacks?? Fuhgeddaboutit. Those killers either cause severe whiplash or I pee. :kicksrocks: I don't want to be fluffy, so I guess I'll start wearing Depends as well as two bras. *cheers*